Terre de Vins, N°20

616b77_8915e64b252fbf2a528e76a78b8635ad.jpg_srb_p_133_172_75_22_0.50_1.20_0“Twelve years of consulting wine producers Samuel Delafont took the plunge to negociate in an ambitious and traditional way.We have tasted a Clape, a Pic St Loup and finally we kept this beautiful Limoux 2010 (15,80€). Chardonnay planted in sandstone, at 450 meters, made in barrels, obtains an intensifying seductive rich fragrance and blends the golden and honey grapes. After aeration, the elegance of maturing kindles the papilla. An ample and sweet palate with just enough richness and lemon flavours to sitdown to dinner and enjoy a buttered sole. We would like to mention the spicy ended and the obvious potential of ageing.”


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