As Artisan Negociant in great Languedoc wines, we attach great importance to the ageing and the balance of our wines. Therefore, we have developed an original and exclusive system: the stainless steel barrel. It allows us to work on the oxidation-reduction, to control the balance of our Crus and to preserve the fruit and the freshness of the wine. We are now manufacturers of this 300-liter stainless steel barrel. Our production workshop is located in Vézénobres. For more information :

  • Low consumption of SO2 and little volatile acidity

  • Ideal for micro-vinification with maceration

  • Fully sealed storage of small volumes of wines over long periods

  • Batonnage option

  • Easily transported and cleaned

  • Custom-made in Italy

  • New concept whose innovations have been patented

  • Modern and aesthetically appealing

Drums in AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel with interior finishing and brushed outer finish.

Removable cover on one side, welded on the other and a DN 50 Macon thread bung on the mantle.

Price : on request
Several productions per year