Samuel Delafont represents the first generation of the Maison S. Delafont Vigneron Négociant. His new eye for wine offers him original and unexpected possibilities for innovation.


S. Delafont Barrels are the result of an exclusive partnership with a French industrial engineering company. The idea is to be able to work the stainless steel to give it an optimal curved shape without angles or breaks in order to optimize contact with the lees. The design of the barrels is therefore based on a unique technology that will give the stainless steel this ideal shape.

  • Preserves the freshness, the fruit and the typicity of the terroir

  • Reinforces the volume and complexity of the wine

  • Control of the balance of the wines

  • Ideal for wines without sulfite

  • 100% made in France, custom made in our workshop in Vézénobres

  • Modernity and estheticism


he Maison S. Delafont, a producer of fine wines in the Languedoc and Cévennes regions, is committed to an innovative and militant approach to the development of its terroir. Samuel Delafont is inspired by permaculture for the management of his vineyards, with a great respect for biodiversity.

Since 2018, Samuel Delafont has decided to stop working the soil and to compose with natural grassing. Indeed, he believes that the first level of biodiversity is first composed by a living soil, rich in fungi, bacteria and mycorrhizae, whose soil work even lightly exposes to the UV of the sun these elements that are then partly burned. By also reinforcing the presence of trees and Mediterranean plants participating in the balance of the ecosystem, we are experimenting with a vineyard management without any input (neither organic fertilizer, nor Bordeaux mixture, nor any phyto).
In order to go further in this approach, Samuel plans to set up an experimental vineyard on the parcels of land surrounding the winery between 2022 and 2024. A tour of this vineyard will illustrate different experiments that will be educational, fun and aesthetic.