At the origin, I had the desire to reconcile my two cultures, Scandinavian by my Finnish mother and Latin by my father from Nîmes. I was 21 years old and the wine environment interested me. What a better way to promote exchange and conviviality than wine?


In January 2000, I created an export office, Vinipartner, that I still run, and which advises wine producers from the Languedoc on how to build their range and develop commercially. Many years spent in the vineyard with winemakers, their oenologists and agronomists, helped me understand and appreciate just what goes into developing a character wine. Ten years later, I wanted to be totally in contact with vines and wine. As I had not inherited or taken up the reins of a family estate, I embarked on a new adventure and I created the House of S. Delafont. The activity of wine maker-merchant gives me greater freedom of choice and creation to develop wines fashioned by hand.



For each “cru” we select and assemble small volumes of newly fermented wine from the best chateaux and domains of the appellation. We then carefully watch over the maturation process before bottling the wine in our own cellars.



This involves choosing the best batches of wines which harmoniously combine and complement each other. All those years spent in the Languedoc vineyard have enabled Samuel Delafont to identify the best terroirs and to build a relationship of trust with winegrowers. Every year he explores vineyards in search of the rarest qualities.


This is where the identity of our wine takes shape. We work on this key step with a great deal of care in collaboration with Claude Gros, our oenologist. The idea is to look into the future and to create the best combination in relation to the terroir, vintage, style, choice of casks and conceivable maturing time…


This phase enhances the wine and its terroir. One part of the wines is matured in 300-liters barrels made of French oak originating from a slow, light toasting process so as to “mark” the wines as little as possible. The second part is matured in 300-liters custom made stainless steel barrels. This part provides the crispiness, freshness and fruitiness.



Owner of Vinipartner – Export agency
CEO of SAS S.Delafont

“The Mentor”


Sales assistant

“The Office Fairy”

In 2010, to validate her degree in “Manager Assistance”, Elisabeth did her internship at Maison S.Delafont. The success of this period lead to her hiring by Samuel and since then Elisabeth is fully dedicated to assisting Samuel and the commercial team. She is also the interface with all our clients and our partner producers regarding logistic matters. She is the sweet southern accent voice responding  when you call Maison S.Delafont.

Functions : Orders, logistic, account and administrative, creation of the communication and marketing supports, …


Export manager

“The Wine Globetrotter”

Anissa has graduated in 2005 from a Master in International Business and Management after a Master degree in agronomics and economics. She has a solid business experience including over four years in the United States as a Regional Manager for different Champagne and Cognac houses. She has also developed a strong technical knowledge in wines, growing up in Burgundy and from her previous positions as a Sommelier at Lavinia and Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

Functions: Follow up and development of the client portfolio, export markets visits, tastings, organization and attending wine fairs…


Manager of the “Comptoir”

Clara is about to join her husband, Samuel, and S.Delafont’s team, to develop the wine shop. Obvioulsly familiar with her husband wines, she comes however from a different work environment and is now being trained to wine tasting and technical wine knowledge. Her sensitivity and social skills will be a great addition to our team.

Functions: Wine shop manager, organization of tastings and events, sourcing of delicatessen sold at the shop.



Nouvellement recrutée en contrat d’apprentissage, Domitille s’occupe de la partie France. Ses diverses expériences dont celle de chef sommelière dans un restaurant étoilé lui ont apporté des connaissances solides sur le vin.

Ses fonctions : Suivi et développement des clients sur le terrain, participations aux foires aux vins, développement de la presse nationale…