Your partner in the vineyard…

“In January 2000, before the Maison S.Delafont, I created Vinipartner, an export office wich advises the wine producers from the South of France on how to build their range and develop commercially. ”

Vinipartner has been representing for 17 years highly selected wine growers from South of France and coordinate with importers all over Europe and overseas. In 2010, following the creation of the Maison S.Delafont, Vinipartner integrates the company. It is a full section that we continue to develop in parallel with the Maison.

Vinipartner’s in few words:

  • A selection of qualitative Châteaux and Domaines from the best of terroirs of Languedoc and southern Rhône.
  • Advise growers: wine blending, prices, marketing and export strategy
  • Present in the market to assist importers and sales representatives
  • Participate to wine tastings and events organized by our clients
  • A follow-up close to the vineyards
  • Engage growers on transitioning to organic or biodynamic practices
  • Construction of specific range four our clients: personalized blending and ageing as well as the presentation.

We have offers for the appellations: Languedoc / Rhône / Champagne / Bordeaux / Espagne.